music plays an important role from the moment that your guests arrive. 

Let's create the perfect all day wedding vibe


From Your Guests Arrival

The best time to set the mood for your special day is right from the beginning. from when your guests walk into your ceremony room, why not welcome them with your choice of music played at the perfect level on a very high quality system. 


  • Part of your Wedding Ceremony planning meeting.

  •  We combine my years of top level wedding experience with your desires

  • I use a super high quality sound equipment to give a crystal clear sound

  • On the day I will be wearing a tailored suit from Greham Blake not a polo shirt or black jeans

Your Ceremony Music

Think of that 'once-in-a-lifetime' moment when your amazing song plays and your ceremony doors open. You start to walk down the isle and notice all of your most cherished family and friends faces smiling back at you. As you arrive at the front with your soon to be husband your entrance music is gently backed down and your celebrant speaks.

Then as you sign the register, your reading gets to be heard, crystal clear by everyone.

After the I do's and the kissing, It's time to grab your partner and walk, or run into married life with your exit track, and what a track! Don't be afraid of choosing something that shouts, "Hey We've Just Got Married, NOW Let's go and Celebrate!'


   What better than all this music being played on an amazing crystal clear sound system and controlled by an expert.

Your Cocktail Hour Music


So you're married, You, your new Husband or Wife and all the people who you love are outside on the lawn or inside by the fire.

Playing in the background,  is the brilliant music from your life so far, It can either be simply though a lovely PA system or as a, not too loud but not too quiet either,  'Statement Piece' by letting me DJ  your style of 'set' on real turntables; Yet another chance to turn what other see as standard into something personal, stylish and unique to you.

Your Wedding BreakfastMusic

Your guests are sitting down waiting for the moment that you and your partner arrive into the room.

Then your killer track starts playing as the doors open, the guests stand up and go wild as you and your partner walk into the room! 

Then as you sit, the music is softened into you favourite background music.

Your Speeches

The champagne glasses are charged. The first speaker stands up and his voice is heard crystal clear by everyone.

Your Bar Hour Music

Everybody moves from their tables and gets ready for the party of their lives, the evening guests turn up and are met and chatted to.

When everybody is there, The cake is cut and then the first dance comences. 

The Cake! 

this is one of the most important parts of the night for your MC to get right as if they get everyone out of their seats and gathered around the cake and be involved, then be easily moved to the dancefloor for the first dance. (or even better have the cake on the dancefloor?) then easily added to the dancefloor for when they are invited to join in. Done correctly tis moment can be the Segway between the bar environment and the 'lets dance our socks off time of the night. 

The Launch Party to your married life

From the first dance, the party and your guests lift up a gear. to a night full of the good times music that has made up yours and your guests lives so far. everyone there is included and good times are had by all!. 

Typically this last 3 to 5 hours of your night is filled with standard wedding disco DJs choice of music or 2 x 45 minute sets from a cover band and 3.5 hours of their sound engineer playing music from his lap top. However, we all know that you deserve better. 


How about hiring a DJ, me who has been selected to DJ for celebrities at venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Harrods and Jumeriah beach at the Atlantic hotel in Dubai? Not to turn up and DJ but to help you to get yo9ur party brilliant for your guests before hand and then turn up and play. Don't worry, its just me!! However, it's just me with some real serious get a wedding party rocking for everybody skills.

I' ve been asked by "Ultimate multi Award winning" wedding disco companies to DJ for them, However, Although I'm at 'been flown all over the world just to tun up and play awesome party music'  level. I believe that each couple that I DJ for deserves better than simply filling in an on line list of music and then their DJ simply turns up and plays it. Of course I could do it, and get really good testimonials for doing it. However, I'd know that their party would have been better if I'd spent more time helping couples before the day and showing them how to make their night awesome.


Before the day we need to work together to fill your night with yours and your guests favourite music, not mine. uniquely I spend 4 times more time planning, prepping and setting up a wedding party than I do DJing at it. 

Sure I can mix but don't think that my skills are all about this as they're not. My skills are based around so many years of keeping dancefloors full for 5 hours plus for so many different ages and styles of people. 


The final'e to your day! 

The Party music finishes on a massive high, with the best most all including tune of the night. 

Then It's time for the inevitable "One more tune"  I push play and everyone goes nuts to an even better song. 

Then just when everyone thought it was over, we have an awesome final'e to your once in a lifetime ceremony, Wedding breakfast and PARTY. This could be gathering outside to form an arch s in the picture, or so many other possibilities which we can discus.


Traktor pro.jpg
Apple new.jpg

Up to £40,000 of top quality equipment and music library plus around 30 hours of my time goes into each and every all day wedding package

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  • Turn up and play

    Perfect for events where I simply turn up and play!
    • No obligation face to face pre-booking Zoom chat
    • Legal contract on booking
    • Up to 7 hours of my time
    • Set up at the right time of day for you
    • No hidden taxes or charges
    • Covid Safe Guarantee
    • All equipment transported in a less than 1 year
    • Me, not someone who works for me, DJing for up to 5 hours
    • Use of my Traktor DJ controller, Apple Mac and music library
    • £10Million Public Liability Insurance and annual PAT testing
  • Party of your life

    Bespoke including working together to get your party right
    • No obligation face-to-face pre-booking Zoom and email chats
    • Contract on booking
    • Personal planning assistance and expert advice from me
    • Post Booking Consultation about getting the best requests
    • 20 hours of my time
    • Bespoke Music Planning Template
    • Cake to first dance to full dance-floor all night meeting
    • A working day of post meeting micro set planning time
    • Equipment set up at the right time of day for you
    • Expert email and Zoom support from pre-booking to your day
    • No hidden taxes or charges
    • Covid Safe Guarantee
    • All equipment transported in a less than 1 year old VW van.
    • Skilled yet informal MCing of announcements
    • Me, not someone who works for me, DJing for up to 5 hours
    • Use of <£40,000 of equipment and music library
    • £10Million Public Liability Insurance and annual PAT testing
    • Mcing when required
  • All Day

    How great to have an expert on your side from now onwards
    • Face to face pre-booking Zoom chats direct with your DJ
    • Structured expert planning advice from day one
    • Full email and Zoom support with your DJ from day one
    • Legal contract on booking
    • Post booking -The way to get the best from your evening-chat
    • 30 hours of your DJs time
    • Bespoke music template
    • Professional Bose, Shure and Apple wedding ceremony PA
    • Wedding ceremony music and flow planning consultation
    • Bose, Shure and Apple cocktail hour and wedding breakfast PA
    • Cocktail hour to speeches planning consultation
    • Evening, cake cutting, first dance and music flow meeting
    • A working day of post meeting DJ micro set planning time
    • Set up at the right time of day for you
    • No hidden taxes or charges
    • Covid Safe Guarantee
    • Skilled yet informal MCing of announcements (if required)
    • 5 Groups of ‘Have A Go Heroes’
    • Me, not someone who works for me, DJing for up to 5 hours
    • 8 LED up-lights
    • Use of <£40,000 of DJ equipment and music library
    • £10Million Public Liability Insurance and annual PAT testing
    • For peace of mind we only use less than 1 year old VW vans
  • 2 day package

    All day package + next day pool party/ BBQ
    • Everything from the all day package
    • Next day poolside, BBQ or ? DJ system