the big idea!

As a f20 year old fully qualified electronics and telecoms geek with the M.O.D my life was mapped out.,So quitting the rat race and stability might seem quite a challenge. But for me I'd found something that I loved and still love... having a great time partying with my friends earning money doing what I LOVE and getting to play!

Partying with my friends at student nights and DJing.

1000 capacity+ clubs in Nottingham, Cmbridge and London - amongst other places 

Not many 20 year old DJs get to go from not being a DJ at all to headlineDJing and running their own 1000+ capacity student nights in the blink of an eye. Well that's what I made happen playing all kinds of music to all kinds of people until I left Nottingham on my next adventure...

Snowboarding and partying with my friends in Ski Resorts, The British Snowboarding Championships, Natives Season Workers parties etc.

Courcevel, Chamonix. Switzerland

When  I arrived in Courchevel there were no nights for season workers or british people - so I started one - which became quite a night.- it lasted for 10 crazy winters and got me djing at lots of amazing other events too.

Surfing,Partying with my friends, DJing top clubs in Surf Resorts and DJing the World Pro Tour Party, Twice.

Hossegor and Newquay

I've lived DJd 1000+ capacity clubs and surfed in Hossegor and Newquay. playing events for everyone from QuickSilver to Radio NRG to the world pro surf tour celebrations. 

Brighton- home 1

Yacht Racing, having a great time with my friends and DJing at Brighton Beach Parties, playing the launch party for the Brighton Festival and the final Float at  Pride 

There are loads of great  specialist DJs in Brighton  but none who sen to specialise in playing lots of styles of great music.

Having a great time sailingpartying and DJing to my friends in Barcelona

This is my new mainly winter home For lots of the year me and Roz liven Barcelona  on 'Disco' our old sailing boat 

Playing all kinds of Dancemusic in all Kinds of places, from DJing after Judge Jules at 3000 Capacity house nights to free parties in squats, Great times in Ski Resorts,to 150,000 people Festivals.

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Playing Funk, Soul and Disco everywhere from headlining Saturday nights in Brighton Clubs to Carwash and loads and loads of other things

Even my boat i called Disco.

Putting it all together at weddings and events for my friends and family

Including some world leading event company owners as well as your typical friends and family parties . 

Don't worry, You can join in too!

I can't continue to have the life I love without people I like booking me for hire events so I'd be really proud to continue this journey and Let me turn your event into a once in a lifetime party for you and the people who you love.

Being with my Roz for the last 15 years and doing so many amazing things. What's next?

Consolidate out lives a bit more, keep having a great time and getting older  and celebrating life with the kinda people I've aloys played for. we only sailed to Barcelona lastt year. Next thing is buy a flat in our summer home Brighton.