My clients are friendly, fun, talented and individual. They love an eclectic mix of music, 99.9% want me to play theirs and their guests favourite tracks, which to me is a must and deserves pre event time. 

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Getting people up on the dancefloor is easy; keeping them there is a different story. That’s why we chose Mitch to entertain the celebrity guests at our Royal Albert Hall aftershow party. 
During the evening Tom Jones and Mariah Carey set them up, but Mitch knocked them down! What a DJ, what a night; I was so impressed that I booked him again for my next major event and my own wedding.

Dominic Margetson 

Executive producer for BBC2 televised Tickled Pink at The Royal Albert Hall and current Head of Brand Markeing for Microsoft

The people who hire me have a real lust for life. Lots went to Uni, some then travelled, some got successful jobs, some like me chose to make a life out of what they love. Most are now in their late 30s to 50s and their guests, although most friends are a similar age as them some guests, typically family can range from from 1 to 101

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Thank you SO, so much for everything you did to help make our wedding the best wedding ever - you were beyond marvellous and we are so grateful to you and Roz for travelling out to be there with us [South West of France] and just making the whole evening come alive!

Jess and Hugo

Jessica Sharman is a #1 selling songwriter, topliner and producer. Hugo AKA Huggy B is a writer and legend.

Especially now, all of my clients are in desperate need of a bloody great time with the people who they love. They understand that the DJ is the person who does much more than push play on a list of tunes. They bring the good times that has made up my clients favourite memories with their guests back to life. 

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Just wanted to say that Chris the sound guy at the venue says that he, has never seen a dancefloor so full for so long, you did that mate, and I am enternally grateful

Friends Celebrity Comic Angela Barnes and ultra marathon runner Matt Wooden

a few of the people I've headline DJ'd for or played alongside

Angela Barnes, Stephen Frears, Raymond Blanc Judge joules, Tom Jones, Mariah Carey, Girls Aloud, El Divo, The Commitments, Mick Hucknell, Spoony, Lizzie Cundy, Aemon Holmes, Olimpians, Oscar Winners, world champions, Olimpic team coaches, comedians, world leading chefs, Singers, songwriters, Formula 1 teams,